Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silly Stuff: The E-reader Pillow

Etsy.com is a neat little website where you can buy and sell things that are artsy, unique, and dare I say, borderline hipster.

Yesterday, I was surfing the site looking for new little baubles for myself and I found The E-reader Pillow. You just slip your e-reader into the pillowcase and voila, you have an instant, yet comfy little platform to read from.

However, doesn't this just look like a disaster waiting to happen? When I see pillows, I think of sleeping. In no time, I'm sure my e-reader would have a nice cheek imprint on it or maybe some drool stains from me forgetting to take it out before I pass out. Also, who knows what would happen if an impromptu pillow fight arises? They do occur people.

 Still, this is an interesting idea. Oh, did I mention you can get it customized!?!?

If you really want an E-reader pillow, CLICK HERE


  1. It really does look like a disaster waiting to happen! lol

  2. I quite agree! I'm always having impromtu pillow fights, and I already drool on my electronics enough as it is...well not really, but still :P
    And I probably would forget I had it in the pillow to be honest.
    PS. The Bruce Peels thing was pretty cool today, we got to see a first edition of Pride & Prejudice, and their biggest & smallest books, it was neato :D

  3. My roomie and I were just talking about how the library has a first edition Pride & Prejudice last night! I can't wait to see it.