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Review: Cowgirls Don't Cry by Lorelei James

Rough Riders #10
Erotic/Contemporary Romance/Hot Cowboys
November 9, 2010
ebook, 1156 kb
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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Steam factor: 5 out of 5 steamin' cups of smexy goodness!

Good girls can play rough too...
Jessie McKay has accepted her marriage to Luke McKay wasn’t perfect. After two years of widowhood, she’s ready to kick up her bootheels—until Luke’s younger brother shows up to spoil her fun. But if Brandt thinks she’ll ever take orders from another McKay male, he’s got manure for brains.
Brandt McKay has avoided his sweet, sexy sister-in-law ever since the night he confessed his feelings for her weren’t the brotherly type. Unexpectedly faced with proof of Luke’s infidelity, Brandt is forced to ask for Jessie’s help in taking care of Luke’s young son. Jessie agrees on one condition—she wants Brandt’s boots exclusively under her bed for the duration.
The sexual heat that’s always simmered between them ignites. Brandt is determined to make the temporary situation permanent, proving to Jessie he’s a one-woman man. And Jessie is shaken by feelings she’s sworn never to have again for any man…especially not a McKay.
Warning: Contains branding-iron-hot sex , the one McKay on earth who wants to be tamed, and a woman who’s decided tame is for nice girls who finish last.

What can I say? I absolutely loved this book. I think it may even be one of my favorite books in the Rough Riders series. When I first read the premise of the book, I was a little unsure of how James was going to pull it off. I mean come on, taking care of your dead husband's illegitimate love child? That's a tough one to tackle but James handles it perfectly.

First, I want to address the prologue because I have recently read a number of reviews in which the reviewer didn't have a lot pleasant things to say about it. After grieving so long for her no-good cheating husband, Jessie wants to prove to herself that she can be wild and free with her sexuality. However, Jessie decides to hook-up with a loser named Mike who offers to share her during a beach party. After some reluctance and lots of alcohol, Jessie decides to go for it. What she doesn't know is that Brandt McKay is also attendance at the party and decides to stop Jessie from making a terrible mistake. After trying to convince a drunk Jessie to leave Mike's camper, he tries to storm out, but stays in order to prove to Jessie that he isn't a push over. After an awkward threesome situation in which Mike passes out, Brandt wraps a naked Jessie up in a quilt and drives her home.

Yes, the prologue is awkward to read. However, it is meant to be awkward. It's purpose is to make the reader uncomfortable so one can understand just how misguided Jessie is in trying to forget all the regrets she had about her marriage and exert her sexuality after years of being cheated on by her late husband. In the prologue, I really felt Jessie's desperation. Without the prologue, I don't think I would have fully understood Jessie's mentality in trying rid herself of the stigma of being a widow who couldn't keep her husband satisfied. For me, the prologue was the perfect introduction to the book.

Like the rest of the Rough Riders series, I was completely smitten with the main characters. Brandt McKay is simply delicious and a true gentlemen at every turn. He was there for Jessie despite her rejecting his advances. And when Landon, the illegitimate love child of his brother Luke, comes into his life, he takes full responsibility in taking care of the boy. Like the rest of the McKay men, Brandt is also an alpha male to the T, who takes control in and out of the bedroom. I'm so excited to read about the rest of his brothers and cousins who will hopefully get their own books as well. Personally, I hope it's either Chase or Ben. I can't get enough of those McKays!

I also liked Jessie. She goes through a huge transformation throughout the book. After being a victim of abandonment, widow-hood, and being kick-out of her home by her father-in-law, she is now just starting to get back on her feet. I really felt for her throughout the book. I thought her reactions to the obstacles in front of her were believable. I mean, who wouldn't freak out a bit when faced with trying to care of their significant other's illegitimate child? I'm also glad she didn't deny her feelings for Brandt through the entire book. There is nothing worse than a stubborn heroine.

I don't want to give it away, but I also enjoyed how James did the right thing with Landon in the end, although it broke my heart. Essentially, this book was an emotional roller coaster. I've never been so close to crying while reading a book.

Also, plenty of past Rough Riders characters and their millions of children make an appearance. Gotta love when an author updates the reader on the statuses of past characters! However, I have no idea how James comes up with all the different names for the children. I wonder if she just has a baby name book on hand?

And of course, like every other book in the Rough Riders series, there was plenty of smokin' hot smexin. I never thought a pear could be used that way, blush.

Loved it! It was one steamin' hot cup of joe.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I was already blushing after reading your great review! That cover is pretty hot too, lol. :)