Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Cover Alert: Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

I was just thinking about this series the other day. Coincidence? Maybe if I think really hard about The Black Dagger Brotherhood the Warden will release the cover for Lover Unleashed too!
On my blog, I have a poll on your left-hand side where you can vote for what I should read next and currently this series is first (thanks to the 4 people who have voted so far!). I keep reading reviews and hearing people talk about how great Kate Daniels is and I'm feeling like I'm totally missing out. Hopefully during Christmas break I'll have the chance to read this series. I want to learn more about this Curran fellow! He looks delicious. Like a nice warm caramal machiatto on a chilly winter's morning, haha. Mmm, I'm gonig to have to make a Starbucks run today. Yum. Magic Slays is out May 31, 2011. Sadly there is no blurb out yet.


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