Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bought Me a Kobo!

Sadly, my Sony Ereader decided to stop working this week, tear. No matter how long I plugged it in for, the battery would just not hold a charge. I'm still fuming mad because the stupid thing was so darn expensive. However, I have secretly coveted my friend's Kobo touch for awhile now and I thought that the passing of my Sony Ereader was the universe telling me that I must buy a Kobo for myself. So I did. And let me tell you, I loves it! Had to buy myself a lovely purple case for it too.

How cute is the little sleeping Kobo?

So what do you think? Did I make the right decision? Any of you Kobo owners have advice for me to keep my Kobo running smoothly?


  1. Oh! How long did you have your Sony Ereader for? I just got my pocket reader at the start of the year, but I also bought the extended warranty (as friends warned me that the store I was buying from didn't cover much unless you get the warranty).

    I was so torn when I bought my first ereader... but I love the Sony. Maybe my next one will be a Kobo. :) It looks cute!

  2. I like my Kobo...mind you it's not fancy like your Kobo touch! Lucky lady. I haven't played with the new touch version enough yet to know if it's something I should add to my Christmas list. I don't read eBooks much though (I still LOVE my print books) so maybe my old and boring version is enough for me. ;)

  3. Chrystal- I had my Sony Ereader for 2 years, so I guess in terms of electronics, it had a pretty long life. I hope your Sony doesn't suffer the same fate as mine.

    Julie- I still love print books as well but I try to abstain from buying paperbacks unless they are from my favorite authors. I have no room to store them! Maybe I should invest in a bookcase...