Friday, December 24, 2010

Time to Be a Little Naughty: My Top Ten Sex Scenes of 2010

My roomate and I have a small joke that all I read is vampire sex. Well, that is partially true. As an avid romance reader, I read a lot of sex and not just between vampires. It's impossible to read romance and not encounter at least once steamy scene in a book. However, there is so much more to romance than just sex. I have read a ton of romance books that are very well written and have great characters, both female and male. The sex is just a bonus!
So without further ado, here is my list for my favorite sex scenes of the year. And boy, have some authors been naughty! This list is ordered from 10-1.

Inside Out - Lauren Dane
The "solo shower" scene...
Sometimes a little self satisfaction can be a good thing. And if it is Andrew Copeland doing the deed, then it is a very good thing. I absolutely love Lauren Dane's Brown family books and Inside Out was a great addition to the series. Although Inside Out wasn't as steamy as Dane's other books, the love scenes between Cope and Ella still satisfied my smutty side. Cope alone in the shower though, that was one very large cup of smexy goodness.

Hurt Me So Good - Joely Sue Burkhart
The "Christmas" scene...
Sometimes you just have to read a book that pushes your limits a little and this year, Hurt Me So Good was that book for me. A little bit darker than most BDSM themed books, Hurt Me So Good challenged my perceptions of  D/s relationships. Burkhart handled the issue of pain as pleasure in a really well-rounded manner. I love when authors do their homework. So Bravo to Burkhart! Plus, the premise of the book was truly unique. Loved it.

Here There  Be Monsters - Meljean Brook
The "I'll kiss you, but not on the lips" scene...
Even though Here There Be Monsters is a novella, it still packs plenty of steam. It is a steampuck after all. However, most of the steam comes from simply kissing. Brook knows how to write a good kiss. But when Mad Machen describes how and where he is going to kiss Ivy, WOW. He can kiss me anytime.

Lover Mine - J.R. Ward
The "locker room" scene...
No surprise here that a BDB book made my list. This is my absolute favorite series. Before the book was released, Ward said that the sex scenes in LM made her blush more than any other BDB book. With a tag line like that, how can you not go wrong with this book? There are some really explosive scenes between JM and Xhex. However, Lover Mine also had some of the most emotional scenes I read in romance this year. I nearly cried in a few places. The locker room scene though, woo, I pretty much blushed from head to toe. Also, the sexual tension between Qhuinn and Blay was potent.

Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost
The "ceiling sex" scene...
It's ceiling sex, 'nough said.

Demon from the Dark - Kresley Cole
The "bath" scene...
Cole has really stepped up her game recently. Both her releases in 2010 had some noteworthy smexy scenes, but the bath scene in Demon from the Dark took the cake. I didn't want it to end. Thankfully, it just went on and on and on. Plus, Malkolm was one of my favorite heroes this year. I think I loved him so much because he reminded me of Zsadist from BDB. He is just so fierce...

Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning
The "pri-ya" scene...
It's about damn time! That's all I have to say about this scene. After having to endure the tremendous sexual tension between Mac and Barrons in the first 3 books, I was glad to see them finally get down to business. However, the situation in which these two come together is less than ideal. Nonetheless, it made my smutty heart go pitter-patter. I love how Mac calls Barrons her Beast. Rawr. Hopefully, we will see more smexin' between these two in Shadowfever!

The Roughriders series - Lorelei James
I can't choose!
Before reading the Roughriders series, I hated country music and cowboys. Well, I still hate country music, but Lorelei James completely changed my mind about the appeal of cowboys. Those Mckays are every cowgirl's dream. And there are just so many of them, you can pretty much take your pick. They are also all alpha males. I'm talking uber alpha. Thus, there are a ton of amazing sexy time scenes in this series. So much so, that I can't pick just one. However, I think the newest book in the series, Cowgirls Don't Cry, is one of my favorites.

Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun
The "bad cop" scene...
This book was released in 2009, but after reading a lot of praise for it recently I had to pick it up. Liberating Lacey is chalk full of sexy time scenes, but unlike other erotic novels, there is an actual story to this book. And a really good one at that. There is a ton of sexually charged scenes, but the connection between Hunter and Lacey is what keeps this book interesting. They have great chemistry. While the sexy time scene in the woods was also one of my favorites in the book, the part where Hunter plays bad cop made me melt into a big pile of goo on the floor. It's hot, really hot.

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning
The "creative composing" scene...
This book definitely takes the prize for the dirtiest book I read this year. However, it was also one of my favorites. The members of The Sinners are just so smoking hot. Although it was hard to choose which sex scene was my favourite, the scene where Brian aka Master Sinclair uses Myrna as his notepad takes the top prize. It fulfilled all of my rockstar fantasies. Well done Ms. Cunning, well done indeed.

Here's a little taste:
He reached for a pen on the side table and uncapped it. He wiped the sweat from her body with the sheet and drew a straight line across her chest. He then added a series of dots on, above, and below the line. Scribbled letters appeared here and there. E. C. C#. She just watched him, too surprised to protest. The line of musical notes continued across her breasts, under her breasts, several lines along her belly.
He paused, his eyes drifting closed. “God, you feel good, Myrna. So good.” She planted her feet on the bed, lifted her hips and gyrated. “Yeah.” He rose up on his knees slightly and thrust forward, grinding deep. “Perfect,” he murmured. “Take me. All of me. Inside.” He began to pump into her again, withdrawing only slightly as if he didn’t want to move at all. “I hear you,” he whispered.


  1. Thanks, Nicole. ;-) Love my dirty boys.

  2. No, thank you Olivia for bringing The Sinners into the world! I loved Backstage Pass and I can't wait for April to read about Sed. And double thanks for tweeting about my post!