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Review: Hurt Me So Good by Joely Sue Burkhart

Hurt Me So Good by Joely Sue Burkhart
The Connaghers #2
Erotic Roamnce/BDSM
October 5, 2010
ebook, 737 kb
Samhain Publishing
Source: Purchased ebook from Amazon Kindle
Favorite quote: "Where does it hurt, baby? I'll bite it and make it hurt better."

In high school, Victor Connagher was the all-star quarterback of the football team. However, after a devastating injury, his dream of going pro goes down the drain. Now, Victor is head of one of Dallas’ raciest local adult television channels, VCONN. But the CEO facade is not the only mask Victor dawns. Victor is also known as Master V, a dominant and a sadist who finds pleasure in giving others pain. After a non-to-pleasant experience with his ex-fiancĂ©, however, Victor struggles to keep his dark sexual urges in check.
Shiloh Holmes, however, isn’t afraid to provoke the Master. After one of VCONN’s promising new fall shows is leaked to a competing channel, Shiloh steps in with the idea of creating a reality based program called America’s Next Top sub. For Shiloh, Top/sub will not only solidify VCONN as the premier adult channel in Dallas, but will also give her the chance to prove to Victor that she can handle his darker side.
After reading several positive reviews of Hurt Me So Good, I decided to give the book a try. Yet, I admit, I was sceptical about the books theme. Although I’m not new to BDSM themed erotica/romance, I’ve never read anything where the main aspect of the BDSM is pain as pleasure. But I thought hey, why not, let’s try something new.
Well, I’m glad I took the risk. Hurt Me So Good is a dynamic and well written story. Although at some parts I was a tad squeamish, I couldn’t put the book down. Basically, what kept me reading was Victor himself. He isn’t your typical hero. In another review, the reviewer describes Victor as a volcano of intensity on the verge of erupting and I think that is the perfect description for him. He’s dark, gritty, and ready to burst from pushing-down the part of him that might scare others, but ultimately needs to come out. However, Victor is also feels extremely vulnerable. He is hesitant to enter in a relationship with Shiloh because he is afraid that he will push her too hard and she will walk away like his ex-fiancĂ©. As a result, Victor is constantly in turmoil over dealing with a part of himself that is integral to his person, but is also just plain scary. He’s just fascinating to say the least.
I also enjoyed the characterization of Shiloh. Although she is bright and bubbly, she also harbours a darker side that she itches to share with Victor. She knows what she wants and is determined to get it, even though there is chance she might get hurt. I appreciated that she wasn’t afraid to face the Master and was more than willing to help Victor break out of his shell.
I also liked that the book wasn’t bombarded by love scenes. Although, it’s classified as erotica, I would say it’s more of a romance. Burkhart is successful in emphasising the emotional complexity of Victor and Shiloh’s relationship along with the physical aspect. So, for those who think that this book is one extended love scene, think again. There are plenty of other events in the book that will keep you intrigued, but also plenty of steamy scenes to keep you satisfied.
The one thing that had me on the fence about this book is the idea of pain as pleasure. It’s just not my cup of tea...or I guess my cup of coffee. However, I did appreciate how Burkhart dealt with the concept of pain as pleasure. It was not vulgar or so in your face that it makes a person uncomfortable. Instead, I found that Burkhart’s portrayal of the different aspects to the Top/sub relationship realistic and even informative. Basically, Burkhart did her homework and it defiantly shows.
So if you want to try something a little different, try Hurt Me So Good. Victor and his crop will have you hooked and begging for more.
Really liked it! It was mmm mmm good.

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